State Chapters

Builders and enthusiasts are located all around Australia. The projects we have listed on this website as being under construction, are all from various States and some will be going to other museums. 

The tyranny of distance plagues aircraft with the limited range and performance of these aircraft. Australia is far too large a country for them to be regularly flying interstate. Therefore we need to be able to bring like minded people together in each State in a co-ordinated manner that best presents these unique aircraft to a wider audience and continues to educate, fascinate and motivate them about this historically significant technology, that is now over 100 years old. 

The 11th November 2018 marks the centenary of the Armistice of World War One. It was during this war that aviation truly came of age. The flying machines of the time were simple, elegant and beautiful, even though their use was not. A great many people lost their lives in these aircraft fighting for their countries. 

As an organisation we choose to remember them and what they did, by organising fly bys at various locations in each State on that date, to give people an appreciation of what those young men did and what they were up against. 

For this reason, we will bring people together from each state to complete projects and fly together at that time. This will take some organisation at a National and State level, but with your assistance, we can make it happen. We will require the services of many people, not just builders and pilots. 

We want you to register your interest regardless of where you live and regardless of what your skills are, so that we may share information and assistance amongst all members and direct you to, or tie in with, other organisations who may be able to assist in arranging this, as well as other fly ins or gatherings. 

We would kindly ask that you fill out the    membership form - CLICK HERE   , to allow us to create a database and put people with knowledge, skills and interest in touch with those in their area with whom they can best assist or possibly learn from. 

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