British WW1 handbook of Silhouettes of Aeroplanes and Airships

$ 10 AUD

Scanned copy of actual handbook issued to British servicemen during WW1 to identify both allied and enemy flying machines. Printed in 1916.


Original clothing and equipment catalogues

$ 12.95 AUD

Includes both the –

1918 Sears Military Catalog including aviation clothing and accessories and

1935 Karl Ort Aviation Supplies and clothing Catalog.

Both these catalogues list authentic period clothing, equipment and other aviation related accessories from that period with prices. Perfect for anyone trying to create authentic period clothing or aircraft instruments or anyone who has an interest in that period.



1910 Guide on How To Fly – $14.95

$ 14.95 AUD

A truly fascinating book written just after Bleriot crossed the English Channel. This book covers the very early stages of aviation in great detail. Easy to read, full of information diagrams and many unique photos. If you have an interest in pre WW1 aviation, this is for you.


1927 Airplane Design – Aerodynamics

$ 14.95 AUD

This book is more technical in nature and describes all that had been learnt about aerodynamics up until this time. Over 570 pages of well documented and explained material with many diagrams.


1928 Aviation History guide AND 1929 Modern Aircraft

$ 19.95 AUD

1928 Aviation History guide (25 years of aviation history)  AND

1929 Modern Aircraft (covering principles, operation, construction, maintenance and repair)

This is a must have for any true early aviation enthusiast MORE THAN 1000 pages of incredible diagrams and authentic pictures of some of the earliest powered flying machines and the engines they used. It covers both lighter than air and heavier than air craft.


Images of aviation past – including collection of Wright brothers (pictures only – no text)

$ 19.95 AUD

OVER 1000 images – Original pictures of aircraft from 1903 – 1930’s. Including almost 300 rare and unique photos from the Wright brothers collection. (some of the Wright brothers photos were in less than perfect condition at the time of scanning, which is to be expected of photos now more than 100 years old, but most are in exceptional condition).

Also includes hundreds of other photos, many not seen before.



The Blue Max Official Movie Program and promotional and production pictures

$ 24.95 AUD

I doubt you could find this anywhere else – 28 pages of production details and pictures from the release of the movie in 1966, with detailed coverage of each of the actors and their character in the film. Also included on this disk are many pictures of original promotional posters and scenes both from the movie and from the filming of that movie.  This is a must have for WW1 aviation or aviation cinema fans.



Flight International Magazine 1909-1915

$ 29.95 AUD

The magazine that you find on the newsstands now, started back in 1909 and covered in detail the fascinating world of aviation before and during WW1 in this collection covering 6 full years. Complete with diagrams and rare photos. Works out at just $5 per year – incredible value



Vintage Aviation Book Collection – Vol 1 (on DVD) 29 books for less than $2 each - $49.95

$ 49.95 AUD

A unique, historical collection of more than two dozen books, covering the earliest history of flight – all for less than the cost of any one of these books (if you could even find them). Amazing insight and detail of aviation, its design, construction and flying as it was known at the time.

Titles include:

The conquest of the air, aeronautics, aviation, history, theory, practice (1909)

How To Build Aeroplanes (1910)

Flying Machines-Construction & Operation (1910)

Aviation (1912)

The Curtiss Aviation Book (1912)

Aviation, its principles, its present and future (1913)

Aviation-An introduction to the elements of flight (1913)

Flying machines past, present, and future. An account of dirigible balloons and aeroplanes (1914)

Aeroplanes (1915)

The first man-carrying aeroplane capable of sustained free flight (1915)

Military aviation (1916)

Manual of military aviation (1917)

The eyes of the army and navy, practical aviation (1917)

The way of the air, a description of modern aviation (1917)

Aviation in Canada, (1917-1918)

Heroes of aviation (1918)

The aviation pocket-book for (1918)

Airplane characteristics, a systematic introduction for flyer and student (1918)

The Curtiss Standard JN4B Military Jenny Trainer

Aeroplane construction; a hand book on the various methods and details of construction employed in the building of aeroplanes (1919)

Aviation, theoretical-practical text-book for students (1919)

Big Aviation Book For Boys (1928)

Skyhigh, the story of aviation (1929)

Aviation's place in tomorrow's business (1930)


                                                                         Elements of aviation engines (1918)

                                                                         Aviation engines (1919)

                                                                         The airplane propeller (1920)

                                                                         Airplane engine encyclopaedia (1921)



Vintage Aviation Book Collection – Vol 2 (on DVD)

$ 49.95 AUD

28 vintage aeroplane books dating from 1909 – 1930.

Incredible value, at less than $2 per book!   

Volume 2 of this unique, historical collection of another 28books, covering the earliest history of flight–You get the whole lot at less than $2 per book!!! Amazing insight and detail of aviation, its design, construction and flying as it was known at the time.

Titles include: 

Practical aerodynamics and the theory of the aeroplane (1909),   

Aeroplane patents (1910)        

The principles of aeroplane construction. With calculations ,formulae and 51 diagrams (1911)

The mechanics of the aeroplane-a study of the principles of flight (1912)

The aeroplane in War (1912)

The aeroplane (1914)

The aeroplane, A concise scientific study (1915)

Flight without formulae, simple discussions on the mechanics of the aeroplane (1916)

Aeroplane design, and A simple explanation of inherent stability (1917)

Learning to fly in the U.S. Army, a manual of aviation practice (1917)

Aeronautical engineering and airplane design (1918)

Applied aeronautics the airplane (1918)

Airplane design and construction (1919)

The air propeller, its working characteristics and theory (1919)

The flight across the Atlantic (1919)

The theory & practice of aeroplane design (1920)

Aeroplane structural design, a book for designers, draughtsmen & students (1920)

                                                                         Airplane photography (1920)

                                                                         The mechanical principles of the aeroplane (1921)

                                                                         Handbook of instructions for airplane designers (1921)

                                                                         The airplane (1921)

                                                                         The airliner and its inventor (1921)

                                                                         Airplanes and safety (1921)

                                                                         The dynamics of the airplane (1921)

                                                                         The early history of the airplane (1922)


                                                                         Aviationengines–design construction operation and repairs (1918)

                                                                         Airplane Airships Aircraft Engines (1921)

                                                                         The airplane engine (1922)




Omaka Airshow 2011 – incredible picture disk with over 1500 high quality, original photos - $29.95

$ 29.95 AUD

Over 1500 original photos of predominantly WW1 aircraft flying (most from TVAL) including Albatros D.Va, Sopwith Tripe, Bristol F2B, DH5, Fokker D.VII, Sopwith Pup and Camel and 7 Fokker Dr1 Triplanes in the air at the same time. Some other interesting aircraft as well. Very high quality photos, most taken on the Friday when the skies were clear blue



$ 199 AUD

We will send you all the information and pictures listed above (with the exception of the Gnome Mono Book and the Copyrighted 2011 Omaka Airshow photos) and send it to you postage free.

To purchase all these items individually and have them posted would cost over $250.

We will send it postage FREE and you pay the one off incredible price of just  $199.

That’s more than 60 books, several catalogues and over 3000 images – all of the material which is not readily accessible anywhere else.

This massive 30% saving is available once only. The material listed for sale on this site is incredibly difficult to come by, either in hard copy or electronic.