We are looking for enthusiasts of every age to help us make the dream of Vintage Aviation come alive.

We want to hear from: 

  • Anyone with an interest in vintage aviation
  • Current owners or builders of actual aircraft or reproductions from the 1903 – 1930′s era
  • Anyone who has built or restored aircraft before
  • Current or ex LAME’s or AME’s
  • Current or Ex-Military personnel
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Anyone who has worked with, or in, aviation museums
  • Machinists, fitters and turners, wood workers, aviation welders
  • Anyone with an accounting or book-keeping background
  • Lawyers
  • Secretaries
  • Upholsters
  • People with previous experience running a Trust or Not For Profit organisation
  • Anyone who has had experience in fund raising or obtaining sponsorship or government grants
  • Any members of local government or anyone associated with tourism
  • Anyone who would like to be a benefactor or knows someone who would
  • Members of the general public who could donate (or place on loan) anything of aviation historical (military or otherwise) value
  • Or anyone who shares an interest and wants to be kept informed and possibly volunteer their services in the future
  • People who want to be part of the committee that drives the direction of the organisation.

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