Australian / NZ sites - 
THE VINTAGE AVIATOR LTD. is a New Zealand Civil Aviation approved aircraft restoration and manufacturing company whose primary aim is to build WW1 aircraft, engines and propellers to the same exacting standards they were originally made over 90 years ago. 
Classic Aero Machining Service – CAMS offers innovative reverse-engineered solutions to create parts that are no longer available. If they made it back then, they can make it now. CAMS has the ability to manufacture new parts at reasonable cost. 
Manufacturers of copper and brass radiators and oil coolers engineered to original specifications for aircraft 
The Queensland Vintage Aeroplane Group & Australian Flying Museum Inc are a group dedicated to the airworthy preservation of Australia’s historic aircraft. 
The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia is the National organization promoting the preservation, rebuilding and above all flying of old aeroplanes. “Old” includes Antique, Classic and Contemporary aeroplanes both Civil and Military 
The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia is a group of aviation enthusiasts assisting each other to build, maintain and operate experimental and sport aircraft. They educate members to continuously improve safety outcomes. 
To foster, encourage and develop safe Recreational Aviation in Australia with minimum bureaucracy and minimum cost. RA-Aus members can design and/or build and fly their own aircraft at their own risk and without undue supervision of the design/build process, but within the limits of regulatory categories. Such a concept nurtures knowledge, innovation and enterprise. 
makers of the 110hp and 150 hp radial engines. 


Overseas Sites - 

Retrotec Ltd. is recognised as one of the world’s premier aircraft restoration facilities. The company is the organisation consistently used by both the Historic Aircraft Collection and Aero Vintage Limited, both pre-eminent collectors of historic aircraft. 

Retrotec specialises in historic aircraft engineering techniques of an era of aircraft that so far has been given scant attention. Survivors from the 30’s are extremely rare, and their manufacturing techniques have been mainly lost. However, the company is equally adept at restoring any ex-military aircraft, from the beginning of WW1 to the end of WW2. and can guarantee that you will achieve a level of authenticity and quality that they feel is unequalled. 
specialise in vintage aircraft restoration projects and have extensive experience with the refurbishment of planes, ranging from early pioneer to WW2, with WW1 being a particular forte. 
Vintage style aviation instruments. 
Rob Baslees kits for producing replica WW1 aircraft. 
Great War Replica Aircraft’s mission is to provide the amateur builder with the means to build their own replica of the most famous, best performing, and most widely used multi and single place aircraft from the First World War. 
Some excellent WW1 reproductions being completed here. They are also the provider of precise paint colours for the period – ‘reengineering’ the fresh paint production from the old original recipe remains a viable way to reproduce really historically accurate paint. RLM Farben have both the necessary know-how as well as the corresponding production facilities. 
This site is committed to the exchange of information about wood aircraft propellers in general, with emphasis on WWI and earlier antique propellers. 
Very accurate 1/5 scale plans and research material for the discerning builder.  
John Gaertner builds 100% authentic vintage aircraft and parts for sale.


Other organisations Sharing build information - 
The Vintage Aircraft Association brings together people from around the world who share an interest in the aircraft of yesterday. Since it was established in 1971, the association has been working to keep aviation history alive. Members are active restorers and enthusiasts working to keep vintage aircraft in the air and flying for the pleasure and education of themselves and the public at large. 
For information on all things WW1. Has a forum section where you can read about other peoples progress around the world in creating flying reproductions from that era. 
Publishers of WW1 aero and Skyways magazines. Both very detailed magazines of all things aviation from WW1 up till WW2. It also covers builders and restorers projects in detail. 
Where it all began – the birth of powered aircraft by the Wright brothers is a fascinating story. A dedicated team in the USA is recreating and flying all of their machines and have documented it all in great detail at this site. 


Sites with interesting pictures of real aircraft or reproductions - 
A rare and unique look under the skin of the Shuttleworth collection SE5a 
Some interesting WW1 builds (many with original engines) at this site. 


Archive Photos of WW1 aircraft - 
Photo archive of WW1 aircraft 
Chronicles information on all 328 Fokker Dr1 Triplanes produced during the war. 


Other publications covering the history of the WW1 air war – 

Impressive artwork of WW1 aircraft available for purchase