'TAVAS is a registered Not For Profit organisation and all donations are fully tax deductible.' 

Donations can be easily made using PayPal or Credit Card 

  • Individual donation.
We are pleased to receive any individual donation by clicking on the PayPal donate button below where you can also use your credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. 

  • Crowd Funding.
From time to time there will be crowd funding campaigns when funds are urgently sought, Please visit our  crowd funding  page   

  • Put your name on a rib.
This is your chance to literally be part of the aircraft and have your name on it.
The Fokker D.VII has 56 ribs in 2 wings. We will put your name, or company name, on a rib and send you a photo of it and a picture of that ribs location.              $97
  • Corporate Sponsorship
2014 -2018 is the centenary of WW1 and TAVAS are the ONLY organisation in Australia doing this and as a result will attract a lot of media attention over the next 4 years.
Starts at $20,000 and includes your logo displayed on sandwich boards next to the aircraft at all times they are stationary as well as on our website and in all advertising we do.
Your company will be acknowledged in all press release material including our newsletter sent every 3 months to all our members. Feature on our website tavas.com.au with a link to your company website. You will also receive Corporate invitation to all TAVAS events.
Other deals can be organised depending on the level of sponsorship. Contact us to find out more.  www.info@tavas.com.au
  • Buy an Engine
We currently have a 100 horse power, Gnome rotary engine being made to the original specifications of almost 100 years ago, using modern materials. Two of these are required to power our WW1 reproductions and maintain 100% authenticity.
You can donate the full amount to TAVAS and receive a tax deduction on the entire sum. You will also receive the full benefits of corporate sponsorship as described above.               $65,000
  • Buy a Hangar
We desperately need premises to operate from – to both house these aircraft and to work on them. There are a couple of ideal hangars available. If you purchase them, you will own the asset and the appreciation of that asset over time.
By loaning that hangar to TAVAS you would be able to write off the amount you would normally receive as rent against your taxable income. You would be listed as our major sponsor with all the benefits listed above, plus you could paint your company logo and name all over the hangar.                                      $POA
  • Buy an Aircraft outright
If you wanted to own an authentic WW1 aircraft, we are able to organise that for you. We have the contacts, can purchase it for you, have it shipped to Australia, set up and even test flown if you so desired. We would just ask that you make it available for TAVAS official events and help promote TAVAS and its aims when displaying that aircraft. 

  • Donate an Aircraft
Alternatively you may wish to donate the use of an aircraft to TAVAS for the 2014 - 2018 period of the WW1 centenary.

  • Donate Memorabilia
If you wish to donate or loan any War memorabilia or aviation related items, please email us at info@tavas.com.au with your phone number so we can discuss how best to display the item.

  • Donate an incomplete aircraft project 
If you have an aircraft or partially built / restored project that you would like to donate, you can do so and write the cost of that off against your taxable income. Contact us at info@tavas.com.au to find out more.

Click on the Paypal Donate link and use your PayPal account or your credit card 

TAVAS is a Not For Profit organisation whose only funding comes from purchases you make from our shop page or donations you care to make. We need your help to bring early aviation to Australian skies.

Payments can be made with Credit Card or by Pay Pal.



We thank you for your generosity. Any money you spend or donate on this site, goes directly to bringing aviation history alive in this country and bringing it to the Australian public, in a way that has never been done before.