Chris Shepherd is a School teacher currently building an incredibly accurate Albatros D.Va. Very impressive given the complexity of this build, even more so as this is the first aircraft Chris has ever built.  The idea came to him after a visit to the Australian War Memorial (AWM) in Canberra more than 30 years ago, where he first saw the Albatros.
Chris (like most of us) decided he wanted one and (unlike most of us) decided 20 years later to build one for himself.  The fuselage has been built in a 2 car garage, using Douglas Fir and Hoop Pine. Wings are under construction and should be finished by the end of this year.  

Many builders are also curious to know - what does his wife think of his decade long project? She has supported him throughout (although he reckons this is because she has blocked out how much it all costs), knowing it’s what makes him happy and that it “keeps him off the streets at night”.

Full details of this build can found in our first newsletter       CLICK HERE     

We will be following the completion of this project with great interest and will keep our members updated with his progress.