Australia has a rich and diverse aviation history, much of which can be found in museums throughout the country.  Some dedicated enthusiasts have resurrected many old aircraft to flying status, particularly World War 2 (WW2) and Korean vintage aircraft.  However one particular area of aviation history that has not been as well represented here is WW1 aircraft and the aircraft that immediately preceded and post dated that war.

Much interest has been generated in that area and continues to grow, predominantly because of the incredible work done in New Zealand over the last decade or so.  It is not enough to simply recreate one of these masterpieces and fly it in front of a few friends. There is fast growing general public interest in these aircraft, and now owners and builders in this country are now coming together with the idea of recreating the antique era of aviation through a living history museum where vintage aircraft would routinely fly.

The purpose of this organisation is to concentrate on bringing alive aircraft from the first 25 years of aviation, in particular, trainers and fighters of WW1 and between the wars.


To gather actual airworthy aircraft or produce near to exact replicas of aviation past (especially as it pertained to Australia) and present them in a way that has never been seen before on these shores, in the form of an interactive, flying museum.

It requires a group of aircraft owners and enthusiasts to get together and work towards the means by which we can create a facility where these aircraft could be made accessible to the public on a more practical and sustainable basis, and grow the public understanding and appreciation of aviation.

This facility should be a hub; a focal point of activity reaching not only aviation but also tourism, education and industry to the benefit of the community, Australia and aviation enthusiasts throughout the world.

Combined with other specialist groups, we can create much more than just a flying museum, but an adventure where each member of the public becomes immersed in a truly unique, interactive, aviation experience.

Unlike  static museums, by literally bringing history to life we can compete against those lost in a world of xbox, Play Station and the internet. We want to get people interested , involved, educated and motivated.

We plan to give aviation history a future.

So what is required?

The actual skills, construction techniques and tooling required to construct aircraft from this era have virtually all but been lost, as have many of the original plans or construction drawings. Thus the individuals who have endeavoured to accurately create flying reproductions have learnt a great deal of what once use to be common knowledge. They have invested a great deal of time money and effort into studying originals and coming up with plans and building techniques.

By pooling the skills of these people and combining them with others, we endeavour to create a database of knowledge that all can share and benefit  from, with the hope that one day we can create a reproduction workshop and build these unique aircraft for other museums and owners, with the builders actually profiting from their hard earned skills.

The ultimate aim would be to create in Australia a centre to fascinate, educate and inspire visitors of all ages, while forming the nucleus for a broader centre of aviation excellence including:   aircraft restoration/painting/upholstery, vintage/warbird experience flights - even whole aircraft manufacture. 

How you can be part of it

We are looking for enthusiasts of every age to help us make the dream of Vintage Aviation come alive.  We want to hear from -

-        Anyone with an interest in vintage aviation

-        Current owners or builders of actual aircraft or reproductions from the 1903 – 1938 era

-        Anyone who has built or restored aircraft before

-        Current or ex LAME’s or AME’s

-        Current or Ex Military personnel

-         anyone that has worked with or in Aviation museums.

-        Machinist, fitters and turners, wood workers, Aviation welders.

-        Anyone with an Accounting or book keeping background

-        Lawyer

-        Secretary

-        Upholsters

-        People with previous experience running a Trust or Not For Profit organisation.

-        Anyone who has had experience fund raising or obtaining sponsorship or government      grants

-        Anyone who would like to be a benefactor or knows someone who would.

-        Members of the general public who could donate (or place on loan) anything of aviation historical (military or otherwise) value

-        Or anyone who shares an interest and wants to be kept informed and possibly volunteer their service in the future.

-        People who want to be part of the committee that drives the direction of the organisation

To do so, please fill out the following form to become a member      CLICK HERE  

(Although this is initially a volunteer basis, we hope to eventually create a maintenance and restoration facility and employ specialist volunteers in full time employment on Museum aircraft and outside work as well)

For those that register their interest, we will be sending a detailed, pictorial, quarterly newsletter, keeping you updated on all matters of vintage aviation from around Australia and pertinent news from elsewhere. 

Membership includes :

·        Detailed quarterly newsletter - contact us at for a free newsletter sample

·        Access to unique member only events (such as our Meet The Fokkers event) 

·        Special 3D glasses to watch our unique 3D movies on your laptop or PC (these are not the same as the glasses you get at the cinema)

·        Free general access to each of the flying displays TAVAS will be creating each year.

·        You will also be the first to learn of upcoming  events or activities we have planned and how you can participate in these or in current (or future) building projects and fly ins.

      ·         We’ll also send you a Fokker DVII static model to construct – (approx 1/32 scale) 

Become a member    CLICK HERE  


If you have any aviation memorabilia, uniforms, artefacts or aircraft airframes or components that you would like to donate or loan to the museum, please contact us through the contact page and provide your phone number so that we can discuss the details further.

If you have a flying or non flying aircraft or other vehicle representing this era, or an unfinished build project  that you no longer want, you can donate that to the museum and write the value of that off against your taxable income  – contact us to find out more.

Of course full credit will be given with the donors name listed against any donation displayed.

TAVAS is a Not For Profit organisation, established as a Trust. All donations to the trust are fully tax deductible and go directly towards the museum and its projects.

Any money you would care to donate would be greatly appreciated. All financial donators will receive a unique, not seen before, picture of a classic WW1 fighter in flight with official thanks (and a tax deductible receipt) from the Trust

To see how to make a donation via your credit card       CLICK HERE  

Larger donations can be made by contacting us (through the contacts page) where we will discuss a suitable ‘reward’ in recognition of your assistance.

Donations of assistance in building projects will also be very highly regarded.  Register your interest and skills and let us help you, help us, create something magnificent for all to enjoy.

To do so, please click here and fill out the following form       CLICK HERE