Achim Engels has built a reputation for himself worldwide with his lifelong obsession and dedication to studying and building Fokker reproductions. As a teenager, he started his first, a Dr.I and that is now in the technical museum of Speyer on the Rhine. 

In the past Achim has built aircraft for himself and for others, but due to a change of circumstances now only builds for himself. He had several unfinished projects at his premises, which led to a unique opportunity for TAVAS to present them here in Australia.

Under the agreement, Achim has sent three of his reproduction Fokker aircraft to TAVAS on long term loan, to complete to air worthy standard and display at flying events in Australia. The aircraft are an E.III Eindekker, D.VII and D.VIII. These aircraft will be returned to Germany in 2030.

These 3 aircraft will compliment the Dr1 Triplane and together, will represent a complete set of the most significant Fokker aircraft from WW1. The span of the types is significant given that they represent the first to last of the Fokker service fighters of WW1.   

These are incredibly accurate reproductions, built just as they were almost a century ago. The quality of workmanship and detail in each of these aircraft has to be seen to be believed.

Achim’s generosity has given TAVAS the chance to bring accurate WW1 reproductions to the Australian public and demonstrate these aircraft as they were almost 100 years ago.